American Public Health Association 2017 Conference

The faculty and staff of MTH represented the University of Pittsburgh with six poster, two roundtable, and two oral presentations on a variety of topics at the American Public Health Association annual meeting in Atlanta this November. The following is a list of the first author and title of each of the presentations:

Kar-Hai Chu:

  • Detecting opinion change about waterpipe tobacco smoking on social media

Jason Colditz:

  • Observation of public sentiment toward Human Papillomavirus vaccination on Twitter
  • Regional prevalence of ENDS retailers in Pennsylvania using open data from the Yelp platform

Jessica Levenson:

  • Social media use before bed and sleep disturbance among young adults in the United States: A nationally-representative study

Brian Primack:

  • The association between valence of social media experiences and depression among U.S. young adults
  • Comparison of toxicant load from waterpipe and cigarette tobacco smoking among young adults in the United States
  • Positive and negative social media experiences and social isolation

Ariel Shensa:

  • Real-life closeness of social media contacts and depressive symptoms among university students

Jaime Sidani:

  • Individual social media platforms and eating concerns: A nationally-representative study of U.S. young adults

Erin Whaite:

  • Social media use, personality characteristics, and social isolation among young adults in the United States