2019 Conference Presentations

March 6-9, 2019; Washington, DC

Society of Behavioral Medicine 40th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions


Society of Adolescent Health and Medicine Annual Meeting

  • Hoffman BL, Felter E, Chu K, Shensa A, Williams D, Himmel R, Wolynn R, Hermann C, Wolynn T, Primack BA. The emerging landsape of anti-vaccination sentiment on Facebook. Poster Presentation. 

  • Shensa A, Sidani JE, Escobar-Viera CG, Primack BA. Emotional support from social media and in-person relationships: Associations with depressive symptoms among young adults. Poster Symposia. 

  • Sidani JE, Colditz JB, Chu K, Barrett EL, Primack BA. “Why do people pee in the JUUL room?”: Analyzing messages about JUUL use on Twitter. Poster Presentation. 

  • Chu K, Colditz JB, Primack BA, Shensa A, Allem JP, Miller E, Matheny S, ,Barrett EL, Unger J, Cruz T. JUULing on Instagram. Poster Presentation.