The Center for Research on Media, Technology, and Health

We conduct research investigating associations between media messages, technological innovations, and health outcomes. 

MTH is part of the schools of the Health Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh and is affiliated with the Pitt Health Policy Institute.

We also develop, implement, and evaluate interventions related to media messages and technology—with the goal of improving health and well-being.

Our Focus

Youth and adults in 21st-century society are exposed to various types of media and technology during the majority of their waking hours.

Studies suggest some negative influences as a result of the frequent exposure. Health behaviors such as substance use or nutritional choices may be changed. However, media messages such as public service announcements and health-promoting phone apps may conversely improve health outcomes. 

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Our Research

Media messages in which we are particularly interested include social media, Internet, television, films, music, video games, and advertisements of all types.
Much of our recent research delves into questions regarding substance use, particularly waterpipes, electronic cigarettes, and alcohol. 

Substance use has been studied for a long time, but at MTH we use a variety of angles to explore the issue in modern society, from social media chatter on platforms such as Twitter and YouTube to the use of web-based programs to provide interventions.