Society of Behavioral Medicine 2016 Conference

Researchers from the Center for Research on Media, Technology, and Health presented a total of seven poster and four oral presentations at the Society of Behavioral Medicine’s 2016 conference in Washington D.C. Throughout the various conference sessions MTH was well represented, with researchers presenting on a variety of topics ranging from initiation of waterpipe tobacco smoking to the use of Twitter to assess reactions to a television medical drama. Furthermore, two of the presentations were chosen by the reviewers and program committee as an “excellent submission”, and MTH statistician Ariel Shensa’s poster was featured in an article by Reuters UK, a rare feat for a poster presentation. The following is a list of the individual presenters and the titles of their presentations:

Dr. Brian Primack:

  • Representation of Alcohol Brands Represented on YouTube. [Poster]
  • Initiation of Traditional Cigarette Smoking after E-cigarette Use Among Tobacco-Naive Young Adults: A Nationally-Representative Study.* [Slides]
  • Adherence to a Telehealth Protocal For Patients Discharged With Congestive Heart Failure. [Poster]
  • The SMARxT: A Pilot Media Literacy Program to Improve Evidence-Based Prescribing Among Medical Residents.* [Slides]

Dr. Jaime Sidani:

  • Initiation, Progression, and Sustained of Waterpipe Tobacco Use: A Longitudinal Study of US Young Adults.* [Slides]

Jason Colditz:

  • Use of Twitter to Assess Sentiment Toward Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking.* [Slides]
  • Prevalence of Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking Establishments Near Large Universities: Utility of Public Data from the Yelp! Platform. [Poster]

Ariel Shensa:

  • Social Media Use, Social Media Addiction, and Depression Among U.S. Adults. [Poster]

Dr. Jessica Levenson :

  • The Association Between Social Media Use and Sleep Disturbance Among Young Adults. [Poster]

Beth Hoffman:

  • Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems: The State of State Policy [Poster]
  • The Use of Twitter to Assess Viewer Reactions to the Medical Drama Code Black. [Poster]


* Chosen by the Reviewers and Program Committee as an excellent submission, and recognized as a Citation Abstract